The Lure of Longboat Key by Mary Lou Johnson

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Mary Lou Johnson, national and international award winning photographer, creates art in portraying the essence of God's exquisite beauty on Longboat Key. Limited Editions of each image are available in archival prints or canvases. Entertaining and delightful, each colorful page introduces a stunning image of a serene scene, a wildlife close up, an inviting white sandy shore. Chapter titles include "Break of Dawn," "At the Water's Edge," "Beach Treasures," "Wings of Nature," "Soul-Filling Seas," "Private Spaces & Secret Gardens," "Evening Tranquility," and "A Sense of Community Thrives." 

"A talented photographer with a poet's eye, Mary Lou Johnson has done something rare with The Lure of Longboat Key. She's captured not just the "real" Florida, but also the magical Florida, the one we see in our dreams and carry in our hearts. Her pictures are tender, honoring fragile details of sea oat, coquina and mist. But they are also majestic, celebrating sunset explosions and cathedrals of clouds. They're so vivid you will smell the salty air, feel the hot sand between your toes, and hear gulls calling over the fizz of the incoming tide. If you've ever lived in Florida, these pictures will take you home again. If you haven't, this beautiful book is your chance."~Kathleen O'Brien, author

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