Voyage en Californie Swimming Pool Tea Towel

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Get ready to travel the world with the Voyage collection. The tea towels are adorned with exotic motifs: a road trip interspersed with discoveries of flora and fauna. Inspired by sunsets and a bounteous nature bursting with flavours, the colours urge you to get away. Let the flavours of California and Kerala act as inspiration for your cooking. These 100% cotton tea towels are woven in high-quality fibre, guaranteeing a durable product whose colour will not wash out

Our products are woven from long, combed 100% cotton fibres: a guarantee of superior quality. The longest fibres produce a fabric that is soft to the touch, durable and perfectly smooth. The delicacy of the combed threads gives our patterns an unrivalled shine and precision.

Le Jacquard Français applies a specific treatment to limit cotton shrinkage during washing. Our cotton remains stable over time and the products retain their size and shape, for your total satisfaction.

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