Manchester Bath Accessories by Pigeon and Poodle

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Every piece in the Manchester collection is crafted to mimic the “eye” pattern found in natural shagreen and topped with a veneer trim.

Color shown is Warm Silver - Other colors available upon request (Ash Gray, Cloud Gray, Cool Gray, Dark Mushroom, Ivory, Navy, Sand and Snow)


Available Pieces
1. Tissue Box: 5.5˝L x 5.5˝W x 5.5˝H
2. Soap Dish: 6˝L x 4˝W x 1˝H
3. Tumbler Set, Sold in Multiples of 2: 3.5"L x 3.5"W x 4.5"H
4. Wastebasket, Square*: 9˝L x 9˝W x 11˝H
5. Wastebasket, Rectangular*: 10˝L x 8˝W x 11˝H (liner included)
6. Canister: 4˝D x 4.5˝H
7. Brush Holder: 3˝L x 3˝W x 4.5˝H
8. Hand Towel Tray: 9˝L x 5.5˝W x 2˝H, Sold in Multiples of 2
9. Tray Set: 10˝L x 6˝W x 1.5˝H (Small),
13˝L x 10˝W x 1.5˝H (Large)
10. Soap Pump: 3˝L x 3˝W x 7.5˝H
11. Narrow Canister: 3"D x 4"H

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